About Us


Welcome to SORT! We envision thoughtfully crafting a hassle-free experience to get your life SORTED. No, seriously. We are not just another brand inviting you to shop with us, we’re here to give you an experience that allows you to immerse in art-infused style!
Fashion for us has always been about self-expression, we understand how different individuals opt for style statements that best align with their values. SORT is here to create an impactful mark with its presence with designs that speak to your individuality.
Every product we design draws inspiration from lifestyle observations and of course, all aspects of art, for we are mad art enthusiasts. SORT is a haven for each one of you who has a thing for art, quirk, and passion.
We’re fueled by creativity and an eye for unconventional spark. While staying up-to-date with all the latest trends, we take pride in infusing a brainstormed classic touch of artistic magic. 
We understand how complex life can be, shopping at least shall not add to it, and that’s where we come in! Not only do we sort your shopping experience, but we also make sure you get to experience moments of life in much more depth and joy as we bring to the table our artisan’s palette and various exclusive art affairs, a sanctuary for you to get drowned in art and find yourself.
At SORT, we’re always thinking out of the box, pushing boundaries, and seeking innovative solutions to get your life SORTED! 
Join us on our journey of self-expression through style and art! Together, “LET’S GET THIS SORTED!”